Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 25 - Bean Bags!

I have been spending the last few days making bean bags for my grandchildren using up colorful fabric, buttons, and wool felt scraps from my extensive stash.  I filled them with polyester beads instead of beans so that they would not be ruined if they get wet.  Here are the results.  I've included a pattern for the Owl Bean Bag in case you want to make one for yourself!  Enjoy!

If you liked this pattern, you may also enjoy my tutorial and pattern template to make a little fish bean bag or soft toy - .  Here is a photo of the finished fish.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 24 - Curling Ribbon in the Oven

I decided to use a technique that I found online to curl some ribbon to make a tail for a pig bean bag I am making.   I found the "how to" information online and used a couple of dowels and some heavy duty paper clips to make the ribbon.  I found that I had to up the temperature on my oven and leave it in a little longer than the directions stated - .

July 23 - More Heirloom Tomatoes

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 22 - More Bean Bags

Emma came over for a sleep over on Saturday and we finished some bean bags today.  She likes the turtle best, along with the frog I made earlier.  After we finished the bean bags, we went to Target to get a bright colored plastic pail to complete our bean bag toss game.  Here are the bean bags we finished.

To make the turtle, I adapted a toy pattern I found and added buttons, a wool felt heart, and filled him with polyester beads.

The mouse and owl bean bags are my own design, also made of 100% cotton, buttons, and wool felt (the mouse has a wool felt heart on his tummy).

July 21 - Froggie Beanbag and more monkeys

I received a pattern by Darcy Ashton that I ordered on Etsy in the mail yesterday.  Here is a link to this cute beanbag pattern .

I immediately had to make one up using my on hand stash of cotton, buttons, and wool felt.  I love him!  I plan to make a set of them in rainbow colors for the grandchildren. 

I also took the time to finish the last two sock monkeys on Emma's list.  I've lost track of how many I've made for her now.  The toy basket I gave her to store them must be almost full now.  She has been taking a different one to school with her each day to have for her nap.  I'm going to start on some for Bobby and Noah next.

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July 20 - Friday Afternoon Ramble

Dan and I went out for lunch today and did a little rambling afterwards.  We visited the furniture consignment places at Park Road Plaza and spent some time in the Gardens of Blackhawk.  Although we had visited the amazing Blackhawk Hardware Store there, we had never been in the Gardens or the consignment shops.  We was some beautiful plants (especially the daisies and coleus) along with some great fountains and garden art.  My shots today were taken with my phone.

July 19 - Heirloom Tomato Salad

For lunch today, I made a salad using some of the heirloom tomatoes that we purchased at the Farmer's Market yesterday.  I combined the tomatoes with fresh mozzarella cheese, basil from our garden, and Vidalia onions.  The salad was dressed with salt, freshly cracked pepper, and a Greek vinaigrette dressing.  Tasty!

July 18 - Farmer's Market

There is a farmer's market that is held each Wednesday near our home.  We made a trip today to pick up some produce and freshly baked bread.  I shot my photos today using my phone.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 16 - Unfinished Objects (UFOs) Appliqued Zippered Pouches

I was picking up my sewing area today and pulled out the appliqued zippered pouches I am making.  I have 3 more appliqued and ready to be stitched together - a hen, a crocodile, and a frog.  I am going to try to finish all three this week.

July 15 - Isle of Palms to Charlotte

Home fragrance - lemons, rosemary and vanilla
We checked out of our vacation home this morning and made the drive back to Charlotte.  When we got home, I put on a pot of water with lemons, rosemary, and vanilla to simmer.  I had read about it online (using my iPad) during our drive home.  It really made a great fragrance that was subtle and not overpowering.

We were able to pick up Charlie and Sophie after 5 PM and are settling back into life as usual.  What a nice vacation!

July 14 - Last full day at the beach

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 13 - At the Beach Wild Dunes, SC

July 12 - Dinner and a stroll in downtown Charleston

July 11 - More Beach Fun

Shell hunting on the beach

Emma and Jayla posed on the "big chair" on Wild Dune's Grand Pavillion

Cheeseburgers on the terrace by the pool

Dan relaxing by the pool

Poolside flowers

Palm by the pool

July 10 - Pool, Salt Water, and Tie Dye

Emma swallowed some salt water

Little Diver

Tie Dye

Emma loves the outdoor shower after the beach
Here are some pictures from our day at the beach.  Emma in goggles by the pool practicing her diving to capture dive tools along with Emma after taking in some salt water at the beach.  Emma and Jayla both tie dyed a tee shirt this afternoon.