Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30 - Pink Sock Monkey Tote Bag

I finished my "Pink Sock Monkey" tote bag project today. 
Finished "Pink Sock Monkey" Tote Bag

I got the idea after reviewing the sketches I did quickly on my iPad before I made my first sock monkey toy earlier in the week.  After looking at the sketches, I thought one would be cute design on a tote bag.  Instead of my usual applique, I decided to draw and paint the sock monkey on the fabric before making the tote bag.
iPad sketch and finished Sock Monkey in Tutu

I started with a new sketch for the tote bag while I washed and dried a sanded cotton twill for the outer portion of the bag.

I then pressed the twill and printed cotton flower fabric I chose for the lining and cut out the pieces.  2 fabric and cut it out:  2 16"x18" pieces of the outer bag twill, 2 16"x18" pieces of the lining cotton, 2 8.5" x 7.5" pieces of the lining fabric to make and inner pocket, and 2 6"x26" pieces of the outer bag fabric for the straps.

I then traced the design on to the twill using a pencil and outlined it with a permanent marker.  After the marker design was complete, I heat set it with an iron.  I then used a 50/50 mix of acrylic paint and Golden's GAC-900 Fabric Painting Medium to paint the design.

After the paint dried, I heat set it with an iron following the directions to do it in a well ventilated area. 

I then applied fusible interfacing to the twill bag front and back and fusible fleece to the 2 lining pieces.  After assembling and sewing the bag, here is the end product.

My next project is making a smaller child's version for my granddaughter, Emma.  Nana and Emma will have matching bags soon!

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