Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emma on the move -- but, backwards

Emma wants to crawl -- only currently, her only direction is backwards.

Nana feeds Emma her first whole Cheerio!

I babysat Emma for Molly and Bjarne most of the day on Saturday. In preparation, I broke down and bought a high chair to have on hand for her visits (and future Grandmother needs...).
Check out the video clip of Emma eating her first whole Cheerio (likes them better than the pieces her Mommy tried to get her to eat)! When Molly and Bjarne came to pick her up and eat dinner with us, she showed them her new found skill. She clapped her hands after eating each one!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry, Emily -- too busy to blog for a while

OK, Emily. You now have some new posts. Work was crazy after I returned from our beach trip and I had to travel to Houston on business last week. I should be free now to keep you updated on a more frequent basis.

Matt is leaving to visit your Dad for 2-weeks on Saturday. Dan and I have a Las Vegas trip planned for July 3-6. We are staying at the Venetian and seeing Bette Midler on July 4th. Should be fun -- but very, very hot in Las Vegas! We also have reservations at Emeril's steak house (Delmonico's) for dinner on 7/5

Emma Modeling my handiwork

Here are some pictures of Emma modeling a smocked sundress/bloomers and bubble suit that I made for her. The smocked sundress turned out especially cute!

Emma and her cousin Brendon

Emma and her cousin Brendon (5 months older than Emma) were together this weekend for Emma's grandmother Anne's retirement celebration. Cori and Brendon stopped by Molly's house on their return to Atlanta. Molly says that Emma is almost as big as Brendon and appears frustrated that he can walk and she can't. Evidently she was all over Brendon -- as witnessed in these photos.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our friend Tootie

We lost our cat, Tootie, to cancer on June 6th. We will miss her!

Beach Trip 2008 Photo Journal

Emma "Swimming"

Emma took to the water like a little waterbug. She loved to kick. Check out her moves in this video clip. Her rubber duck was the favorite water toy!

Beach Baby

We had a great vacation at Wild Dunes with the family last week -- so much fun!! I have spent the last 2 days catching up on work and email, so haven't had time to edit all my pictures yet. Here is one of Emma enjoying a tidal pool on the beach. She loved the water!