Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gummy Worms

Emma came over today for a play date with Matty and Nana. She played with Matty and then "shared" her Gummy Worm treat with Matty. The treat was quickly consumed. Both Matty and Emma like Gummy Worms.

Cute Shoes

Two Pretty Girls

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Snack time on Saturday consisted of 2 large "Big D's bananas." If Emma sees Dan eat something, the food immediately becomes "Big D's." Here are some shots I got during snack time.

Saturday morning at Nana's

Here is Miss Emma sitting at the foot of Big D's chair looking up at him.

A new twist on Red Rover

Emma spent Saturday morning at Nana's house. She made up a new variation on Red Rover and it was so amusing to watch. She loves to play with small yarn balls in my stash of brightly colored yarn. She spread them out on the floor, crossed to the other side of the room, and then we spent the next hour as follows --
  • Emma, "Red Rover Red Rover send Matty right over" - Matt runs to Emma.
  • Emma, "Red Rover Red Rover send Matty to Emma's balls" - Matt crosses the room to the yarn balls.
  • Emma, "What color do you want Matty?" - Matt says a color and picks up that color yarn ball.
  • Emma, "Matty, put it in Nana's basket." - Matt deposits the yarn ball in a basket by my chair.
  • Repeat of the above until Emma declared, "Emma's turn."
  • The only pause in the game was to spread out the yarn balls after they had all been deposited back in the basket.
What fun, watching her make up a game! I did lose a few balls of yarn during Emma's version of "clean up" following the game.

Big D's White Dip

Emma's favorite snack at Nana's is "Big D's White Dip" and Sun Chips. Here is Emma enjoying them during her visit last week.


Emma came over to play last weekend and would not let Matt out of her sight. Here are some pictures I snapped while they were playing with the puzzles. She asked for Nana's Santa hat. I got it out and she made Matt wear it all day. Every time he would take it off, she would get it and say, "Matty, here's your hat. Put it on."

Fancy "Diamond" Shoes

I have been swamped with work and have not had time to keep up with my postings. I am doing "catch up" today. Here are Emma's shoes that she calls her "Diamond" shoes. How cute are these?