Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend at the Springer home

Sorry Emmy, too busy to post this week. I was in Denver all week on business. Next week I will be in Toronto and Denver, traveling all week. We had a relaxing and quiet weekend at home. Molly, Bjarne, and Emma came over for dinner on Saturday. Emma eats table food now and is off the bottle... drinks whole milk out of a sippy cup like a big girl now.
Menu included a pork loin roast, cheesy noodle bake (family favorite), and the apple crisp that my Nana used to make for me. Emma ate it like a champ (along with the rest of the family).

I don't have a huge toy collection at my home yet. Emma seems to gravitate to the decorative items. See the photo of her and Uncle Matty -- that is a wooden egg in her hand/mouth. She has a basket of apples on the floor.

Her vocabulary is growing --

dog (pronounced Gawg)
and new word Cookie (pronounced in two very distinct syllables -- cook----ie)

What a cutie!

Tessa plays soccer

Our grand-daughter, Tessa, has started playing soccer this year. She is a third grader this year.

These photos bring back memories of Emily Kate and her soccer years. Dan had so much fun being one of the very few male "soccer moms."

Tessa looks much like her mother in this close up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Frog Sweater

I started this sweater with Baby Howell in mind -- took the frog applique I designed and put in on a sweater I knit in cotton. I thought the color combination could work for either a girl or a boy. As soon as Molly saw it - she wanted it for Emma. As you can see, it fit her perfectly. I will start another for Baby Howell....

Long Weekend - visit with Emily and Robert

It was so great to see Emily and Robert! Emily looks great. I miss them and have to admit to a few tears when we said our goodbyes. Molly (the old pro mommy) took Emily to Babies-R-Us to register while she was here. I know Emily was glad for the advise and assistance.

She tried on a "baby bump" with her new clothes to get the fast-forward view of how she will look in the upcoming months. I don't think she realizes yet just how much expanding she will be doing.

I am working away at Baby Howell's wall hanging. Emmy wanted a garden theme. One more panel to go before I start the decorative stitching around all the many applique pieces.

I plan to do one more panel similar to the vine and leaf and then will be done. Final measurements will be 40"x40". I couldn't get the entire work in progress in the photo -- but, this gives you an idea of how it is coming together.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I finished another panel for Baby Howell's quilt. this one has turtles on it to match the garden theme. Click on the link to Emmy's blog to see first photos (ultrasound) of Baby Howell. Due date is March 14th.

I need to stitch around all the applique pieces and work on the next panel design. I will wait to finish this until beginning of September -- by then I may know whether or not to finish with some extra pink and flowers or leave it mostly blue with additional bugs and critters......

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I spent the weekend finishing up some projects and starting some new ones. I finished a hot pink/light pink/green cotton knit sweater in size 2 for Emma.

I also did some drawings with the idea that Emmy may want to frame some for her nursery. "Ladybug Vines" --
and one I named "Turtle Pond" --
Dan and Sophie slept in this morning. I snapped this picture -- Sophie with her blanket with Dan (the lump on the right side of the bed).
I have started on a quilted wallhanging for Baby Howell. Emmy picked out some wall decals from Pottery Barn in a garden theme with bugs, frogs, flowers and turtles. I am making a wall hanging with the same theme. Here is the first panel of frogs and flies.

Detail View
Other panels planned --
turtle panel
flowers with grasshoppers/caterpillars/butterflies,
ladybug vines