Sunday, November 23, 2008

Emma Walking

Here is a video clip Molly took yesterday of Emma walking to Matt. She is holding tight to a stuffed animal kitty that I bought her yesterday. Emma loves Matt! She also loves our cat, Sammie. Every time she comes to our home, she looks for both the dog and cat. Molly and I took her shopping yesterday for her first pair of MaryJanes to wear with her Christmas dress. There is a toy store right next to the shoe store. Emma latched on to the cat and wouldn't give it up long enough for the clerk to scan it. We had to have them scan another. She spent the ride home giving the cat kisses and saying "meow."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Camcorder

Dan bought me a new Canon HF100 camcorder for Christmas. He gave it to me early so I can start recording Emma's first steps. I haven't quite figured out all the feature/functionality yet -- but, I took my first video this morning and was able to upload it to my laptop. I can't wait to get Emma walking. She progressed from 2-4 steps to walking across a room in just a week! Here is the wakeup call I gave to Dan and Sophie this morning....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Emma took her first unattended steps this week!

Emma took her first steps on her own on Thursday. She was so pleased with herself. Molly, Bjarne, and Emma stopped by after dinner last night for a quick visit. She showed us her new found skills. She is also blowing kisses now too, how cute! When she saw me last night, she got a big smile and crawled as fast as she could to me -- melted my heart! She knows my name, Nana, and calls Matt by name too (Maaa, no "t" on the end yet).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Completed design.... Bobby's Quilted Wallhanging

I still need to stitch around all the appliques, add sashing, quilt and bind -- but all the designing and placement is done.

Emma's Halloween Costume - Bumblebee

More Progress....

I got another panel done with the trucks and highway. This is really going to be cute -- even if I do say so myself! This is fun!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tractor - In Color

Emmy, I got the background completed for the wallhanging and finished the panel applique for the first vehicle -- the tractor. I think this will really be special when I am done -- for your special baby. I will post pictures as I work through the completion of this project for you, Robert, and Bobby!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bobby's Quilted Wallhanging -- The Design

I finished the basic shapes and the design for Bobby's quilt this evening. You have to imagine it on bands of color. The lower band will be green for the tractor. Going up the quilt will be a gray road with the trucks then another smaller green band. The "construction" band will be brown and tan and then another green "grass" band for the houses -- then ending at the top with a blue band for the sky behind the houses.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Shopping for Bobby Howell

Emmy and Robert found out this week that they are having a boy! Robert Lewis Howell, V -- Bobby for short. Emily and Robert want a car, truck, tractor vehicle theme for Bobby's nursery. I am designing a wall hanging with trucks, cars, and tractors. I went by Pottery Barn Kids today to see the bedding, so I could make sure that I replicated some of the colors and shapes in the wall hanging. Unfortunately, they are only available online. I was able to check out a carpet sample so I could match colors to the carpet. Dan and I couldn't resist picking up our first present for Bobby while we were there -- a red, wooden ride-on truck. It is so cute!