Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23 - Tooth Fairy Pillow for Girls

After I finished the boy Tooth Fairy Pillow yesterday, I started work on one for girl's in pink.  It's the same style, just in pink.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22 - Owl Tooth Fairy Pillow

I made this cute little owl tooth fairy pillow today to list in my Etsy shop.  This is the prototype and I put Bobby's initial on it, as he will be the next one in line to need the tooth fairy.  I will be making one in pink for girls.  I love the bright colors in this one.

November 21 - Burgers for Lunch

Dan and I ate lunch today at one of our favorite burger places - Smashburger.  I took this shot with my phone.  After lunch, we headed out to shop for supplies we needed for our Thanksgiving dinner.

November 20 - Bunny Doll

I have not figured out how to set the ISO or Autofocus on my new camera yet.... I spent some time today attempting to get a better shot of the bunny I made.  I ended up with this shot and also downloading a book to my iPad on the Canon 5D Mark III that I just bought.  Hopefully my shots will be improving after I read how to adjust the settings on this camera!

November 19 - Emma lost her first tooth

Emma lost her first tooth today.  I rushed to finish a tooth fairy pillow for Molly to pick up on her way home from work.  I found out later that Emma lost the tooth at school and the tooth was no where to be found.  Emma was also scared of a tooth fairy coming into her bedroom at night.  Molly told Emma that her mother was the "real" tooth fairy, the pillow was filled with money, and all was well the next morning.

November 18 - Happy Birthday Noah

Noah is turning 2 years old on December 2.  Due to everyone's hectic schedules, we celebrated when Emily and Robert where in Charlotte with the boys this weekend.  Here are some shots of the festivities.

November 17 - Roses in November

I took some shots today of our roses in the back yard.  Since it has cooled off, they have taken a spurt and are filled with wonderful blooms.

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16 - Bunny

I started making bunny dolls when we lived in Greenville, SC. for my first craft show - "The Holiday Fair."  I stayed up late... I mean really late....morning late... drafting the pattern for this rabbit doll and pinafore.

November 15 - It is just around the corner

After viewing all the email Christmas discounts ads today, I realized that Christmas is soon to come.  I am from an era where we didn't start Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  Now days, we see Christmas at Halloween.  I took out the Christmas ornament that I bought last year to be a photo subject and took some shots of it today.

November 14 - Butterfly Bean Bags for Girls

I finished this cute set of butterfly bean bags with a drawstring carrying bag today.  My granddaughter, Emma, loves bean bags.  She and her Uncle Matty spend time most visits playing bean bag games.  She took home a set of pink, green, yellow and white whale themed bean bags after her last visit with us.

November 13 - Fall Glory

I took some shots today in our front yard of the fall color and also some shots of the cart path that runs at the side of our property.  It was a sunny and beautiful fall day and fall is in full glory now!

November 12 - Another Bib and Burp in Pink Chenille

Here is the new baby bib and burp cloth set I finished today.  I love this print and it coordinates with the red, pink, green and white set that I posted yesterday.  I love the soft pink and fluffy chenille.