Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unfinished Project

I am suspending my sewing projects until after we return from our beach trip. I am really excited about my latest effort -- Children's Corner "Mary De" size 12 months in a blue and white polka dot. I smocked it using a cupcake design from AS&E (Australian Smocking and Embroidery magazine). If you look closely at the detail, the cupcakes have tiny glass bead "sprinkles."

It is a cute pattern -- wraps in the back with button closure (note I haven't finished yet -- no buttonholes or buttons). It can be worn as a sundress or a jumper (with the addition of a shirt). I am making matching bloomers with pink rickrack trim and a white puff sleeve shirt, also with pink rickrack trim. This could be the 1st birthday outfit!

Have to clean up the mess...

Sophie is now 20 months old and has calmed down tremendously from her puppy hyper days. Here is a photo of her helping her Mommy sew.

We are leaving for the beach on Saturday morning. I have to get the mess cleaned up from my latest "creative frenzy" (term commonly used to refer to the messes I create mid-project).

I took over the dining room in this latest bout of sewing -- using the dining room table to set up 2 sewing machines. Here is the "before" clean up picture.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emma Modeling her Hot Pink Romper

Here is Miss Emma modeling one of the rompers I made for her. Molly took them home with her this weekend to try them on Emma. This style, Children's Corner "Elliott" in a size 12 months fit perfect with some room to grow. I have some strap and elastic adjustments to do on the other outfits before Emma can show them off to her Aunt Emily next week at the beach.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bubble Gum Pink Romper

This is the last romper for a while. I made this one out of a very pink Imperial broadcloth and designed a flower applique. Note the ladybug (button) on the flower's leaf. This is another one made from Children's Corner "Elliott" in size 12 months.

Molly picked up all the finished outfits last night. I'll post some pictures of Emma in them when Molly does the next "fashion show." I am working now on some smocked sundresses. I plan to take some smocking to work on when we are at the beach next week.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Matty!

We celebrated Matt's birthday this evening -- a few days early (b-day is 5/28). Molly brought a Carvel ice cream cake, YUM! After dinner, Miss Emma changed into her pajamas and played in her jumper.

Our little jumping bean, Emma!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Menu Planning

We are celebrating Matty's birthday tomorrow. In our family, the birthday boy/girl gets to select the menu. Matty has chosen grilled burgers and dogs, pasta salad, and yet another round of roasted red pepper hummus with homemade pita chips. Fortunately, Molly approved the menu. She is the "master planner" for the entire family. I will be hitting Sam's Club and the Teeter in the morning while the men are playing golf.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Hot Pink Romper for Emma

I finished this one tonight. Hot pink cotton with white polka dots and rickrack trim. I am having so much fun with this. I haven't sewn clothing since my girls were little -- but, I've still got it! This one is another Children's Corner pattern -- Elliott in size 12 months. Children's Corner has the best children's patterns. I like them as most are completely lined. This one was only 4 pattern pieces! They are classic and super easy.

Dan and I met Bjarne, Molly, and Emma at the Cantina for Mexican food this evening. Emma was awake, talking, and smiling throughout our dinner. I got to feed her a baby "Turkey Dinner" after we finished our meal. She ate the whole jar. After she finished -- she spent the remainder of our time together on my lap pulling my hair.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Smocked Sundress with matching bloomers

I finished this cute sundress with matching bloomers tonight. I made it with a white cotton printed with pink, green, yellow, and blue pastel polka dots. I smocked it in a geometric pattern in pale pink. Both the front and the back of the dress are smocked and it ties at the shoulders. The pattern came from an issue of Australian Smocking and Embroidery (AS&E). This is a wonderful magazine with many free patterns in each issue.
We are making plans for the weekend. Matty's birthday is next Wednesday, May 28th. We plan to celebrate with a cookout on Sunday. Matt, Dan, and Bjarne are playing golf in the morning and we will grill out burgers and dogs in the evening. Molly is bringing the dessert.

Monday, May 19, 2008

And more Rompers for Emma

This one is another version of "Bobbie" by Children's Corner in size 12 months. I made it with a pale pink and white polka dot cotton and added an ice cream cone applique of my own design.

This rose and white polka dot trimmed with yellow rickrack is Children's Corner "Taylor" size 9 months with a bouquet of flowers applique I designed.

Emma is getting some hair!

You can really see that Emma's hair is growing in these photos. She is cutting her upper 2 front teeth now -- notice her tongue. I've told my girls that they disdn't have enough hair to support a good bow until they were two.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smocked Dress by Nana

Here is Miss Emma in the smocked dress that I made for her. It is a blue print floral print cotton lawn with blue smocking and a white collar and cuffs piped in the print.
It is a full dress and Molly said Emma enjoyed playing with it!

Play Clothes for Emma

Emma is modeling a top and bloomer combination made with Children's Corner "Baby Frannie." I made it with a cute bright pink and green cotton print.

I finished some projects this weekend, but still have more in the works. The finished projects include this cute blue and white polka dot romper with rickrack trim (Children's Corner "Bobbie" in size 12 months).

I also finished a white and multi-colored pastel polka dot romper with pink and white striped ruffled trim (Petite Poche by Wendy Schoen Design in size 12 months) and an appliqued lime green romper (Children's Corner "Taylor" in size 9 months). I can't wait to see Emma in these.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easy, Good, Light, and Quick -- Week Night Pasta Recipe

This is Matty's favorite meal. I made it tonight. Usually, I have enough for Matty to have a "leftover lunch" -- but, he had seconds tonight.

I got the basic recipe from Cooking Light and over the years have forgotten the original recipe -- but prepare it as follows (note, measurements are estimates):

Combine the following in a glass mixing bowl and let set for 30 minutes at room temperature --

4 Cups chopped ripe Roma Tomatoes
2 Cans Pitted Ripe Olives, chopped
1 Tablespoon chopped Garlic
1/3 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 Cup White Balsamic Vinegar (Available at Harris Teeter)
1 teaspoon dried Basil
1 teaspoon dried Oregano
1/4 Cup Fresh Basil Leaves (cut in thin strips)
Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)
Kosher Salt (to taste)

Serve over Penne Pasta and top with Feta Cheese. If you like a little "kick" -- also top with a pinch of red pepper flakes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miss Personality

Just when we all started to say that Emma is looking more like Molly -- we see a picture like this one that looks like her Daddy!
What a cutie. She is so much fun and very responsive.
She loves attention!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Emma's Romper

I made Emma this romper using a Children's Corner pattern. I actually started sewing outfits before she was born - in my excitement over having a girl as my first grandbaby!

I put the snaps in the crotch and worked the buttonholes and buttons on Sunday and then took it by Molly's to try it on Emma.

As you can see, it fits her perfectly - finished just in time. The blue brings out her pretty blue eyes.

I have put away my knitting for a while, and started back on sewing. I have lime green and pink rompers in the same style ready to complete. Hopefully next weekend...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And more Emma Jumping

More Emma Jumping....

Happy Mother's Day!

We celebrated Mother's Day last night with dinner at our house with Molly, Bjarne, Emma, and Matt. While we ate, Miss Emma spent her time jumping. I know she must have been worn out by the time we finished dinner.

Emmy, I got your sweet card. Thank you, I miss you too! I can't wait to see you in June!

I plan to spend the day relaxing. My life's greatest accomplishments are my three wonderful children. I love you all!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tummy Time!

It won't be very long before Miss Emma is on the move!

Emma finally shows us her teeth

It took us quite a bit of coaxing, but Emma finally showed us her teeth -- both of them!

Emma has 2 bottom teeth

Emma meets Sammie the cat

Emma loves her Uncle Matty!

Emma always lights up when she sees her Uncle Matty. He never fails to get big smiles out of this sweet little baby girl!

Emma is 7-months old!

Molly, Bjarne, and Emma stopped by last night after dinner for a quick visit. Emma celebrated her 7-month milestone yesterday.
She sat on uncle Matty's lap for quite a while and let Nana take numerous pictures and video clips while she was playing on the floor.
We plan to celebrate Mother's day at our house tonight -- steaks on the grill, lettuce wedges, another repeat of the hummus dip (by popular demand), and Molly is bringing dessert.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Emma and the ExerSaucer

Emma with Cousin Brendon

Here are Emma and her cousin Brendon -- aren't they cute? Both are blue-eyed babies.

Brendon's First Birthday

We attended Emma's cousin Brendon's first birthday party on Saturday. See the slideshow with some of the pictures his mother, Cori, shared. He is such a cutie and full of energy!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Getting Excited for the Beach Trip!

We have a family beach vacation scheduled for the first week in June at Wild Dunes (near Charleston, SC). We will have Matt, Molly, Bjarne, Emma, and Emily joining Dan and me. Emily and Robert will be in Charleston for a good friend's wedding, so Emily is planning to stay on a few days with us.

Everyone is looking forward to a week away from the daily grind. Dan has already booked golf for the boys. Here are some pictures of the house we rented.

It is right on the ocean and we also have access to a wonderful pool right outside the door. Last time we were at the beach in Wild Dunes -- I had a too close encounter with a shark in waist high water. I'll be doing all my swimming in the pool.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vancouver Trip Slideshow

We visted with Emily in Vancouver, BC, over the Easter Holiday. We had a wonderful time and Vancouver and Emily are both beautiful!

We flew into Seattle and got to visit with Robert (who was on his way to NC at the time) and my brother, Scott, and sister, Marybeth. What a great trip!

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus -- YUM!

I am making this today to take to Molly's for dinner. It is easy and good. I serve it with homemade pita chips.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas, drained
1 jar roasted red peppers, drained
1/4 Cup tahini (sesame paste)
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
4 cloves garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon ground cumin
Salt and fresh ground pepper, to your taste

Whir all of the above up in your food processor and then top with
2 Tablespoons fresh Italian parsley, chopped

Homemade Pita Chips
Cut pita bread into wedges
Brush lightly with Olive Oil
Sprinkle with Garlic and Rosemary Seasoning (I get mine at Sam's Club)
Bake 400 degrees for 8 minutes

Emma Jumping and Talking

Watch Emma in her jumper in this video clip. Note Molly's enthusiastic narration!

Here is another cute one that Molly took in March. Emma is "talking it up" in her exersaucer.

Emma enjoying her toys

Emma with her car keys

Emma likes her car keys too!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Emma with her Cell Phone

You have to be careful when Emma plays with her cell phone - it can also function well as a weapon!

Emma likes her feet!

Emma's Toys

On Emma's last visit to Nana's house we took some pictures and video clips of her sitting up and playing with her toys.
She likes her cell phone, car keys, and especially her feet!
She is now 6 1/2 months and has so much personality!