Monday, July 28, 2008

Quiet Weekend at the Springer Home

We had an enjoyable and very quiet weekend -- I like them like that. I cleaned out some closets and did some cooking. Saturday night I tried a new chicken pot pie recipe -- had curry in it. It was good, but I like Ina Garten's better. Next time I will use Ina's and add a teaspoon of curry powder, as we liked the extra punch the curry gave it.

On Sunday, I made a large batch of homemade meat sauce -- some for dinner with linguine and the rest in the freezer.

Molly brought Emma over for a visit on Sunday - so, here are the lasted snapshots. Her latest accomplishment is the sippy cup. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of tilting it up yet.

Both she and Emma stayed for lunch and we watched Emma crawl for a bit after. She has down the basics - but, for now, only a few forward motions at a time. She did managed to make a 6 foot crawl to her Uncle Matty.

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