Sunday, September 14, 2008

Long Weekend - visit with Emily and Robert

It was so great to see Emily and Robert! Emily looks great. I miss them and have to admit to a few tears when we said our goodbyes. Molly (the old pro mommy) took Emily to Babies-R-Us to register while she was here. I know Emily was glad for the advise and assistance.

She tried on a "baby bump" with her new clothes to get the fast-forward view of how she will look in the upcoming months. I don't think she realizes yet just how much expanding she will be doing.

I am working away at Baby Howell's wall hanging. Emmy wanted a garden theme. One more panel to go before I start the decorative stitching around all the many applique pieces.

I plan to do one more panel similar to the vine and leaf and then will be done. Final measurements will be 40"x40". I couldn't get the entire work in progress in the photo -- but, this gives you an idea of how it is coming together.

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The Howell's said...

It looks so awesome all together. I like the new vine panel too--especially the catepillar on the vine--very detailed! It is going to look great in the nursery.