Friday, February 6, 2009

Too Busy to Blog...

Sorry, Emmy. I have been crazy busy with work since the new year started. A week in Denver and a week in Philly put me way behind on everything. I am headed to Denver again on Monday and returning on Friday. Since you have warned me that I can't come to stay after Bobby is born without a finished wallhanging -- this weekend is devoted to working on the stitching I need to complete.
Matty and I babysat for Emma all day on Tuesday. She wore us out. She is on the move every minute and testing boundaries constantly. We love her personality.
I really haven't done much in the way of projecting except working on more scrapbook pages for Emma. I bought some 8x8 scrapbooks for Bobby (don't worry all blue) and will start the same for him. Did you get your cameras?
Here are a couple of pages that I completed for Emma. I started at the present and worked backwards -- completing October 2007 this evening. I used an online tool to create part of the word collage on this scrapbook page. Check it out at this web site --

I can't wait to meet Bobby, won't be long now. I'll book my flights this weekend.
I love Jim and Sarah's blog. Sarah is so talented and her sense of humor comes through in her video clips and postings. Dan and I are both big fans!

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The Howell's said...

Hey Momma! Pages look great--I really like the word collage. No cameras yet, but mail is really slow here. I'll let you know when they come. Love you!