Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Sunday at Nana's....

Emma took an hour and a half nap in Nana's big cozy, comfy bed.
She caught up with "Uncle Matty" while they played with her puzzles.
Matty read Emma most of her large collection of books. Emma really missed Matty while he was on vacation. Note, Matt missed Emma too!
We played "frisbee" on the porch.
We all logged some time in our rocking chairs on the porch.

Emma had a pizza party on the porch. She played a couple of rounds of "porch golf."
Uncle Matty and Emma snuggled and watched the Wiggles on television. Nana records the Wiggles and has a couple of DVD's for Emma to enjoy.
Emma is cutting some molars, so spent a lot of time with her hands in her mouth.
What a fun and wonderful day with our sweet baby, Emma!

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