Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emma's Play Date on Saturday

Matt, Bjarne, and Dan played golf on Saturday. Molly dropped Emma off with me so she could run errands. Emma and I had a big day. We spent a lot of snuggle time, played on the porch, had nap and bath time, ate play "hamburgers and french fries," played with her puzzles, and watched a lot of "Wiggles."
We watched a Wiggles episode that I had recorded (along with 10 others) that included Jeff doing "Turkey in the Straw." Emma kept talking about the Wiggles and the Turkey. I had a hard time finding it on all of the recorded episodes. Come to find out, she was talking about the "turkey" not because she wanted to see it again... but, because it scared her. When I finally found it again, she broke out crying and buried her head in my shoulder. Lesson learned....
I was tired when she left. This was the first time that she cried when she had to leave...I guess she had as much fun as I did!

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The Howell's said...

Poor thing--the wiggles scare me too.