Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 1 - Cheeseburger and a Beer

Emma spent the day with us today.  She had fun playing with Charlie and Sophie and also went shopping with Nana and made a trip to the "Yogurt Store" along with a stop by McDonald's on the way home for a Happy Meal.

She was introduced to her new sock monkey (pink and white stripe in tutu) and immediately fell in love.  I explained to her how they were called sock monkeys because they were made out of socks.  She then spent the next 15 minutes going through my sock collection and telling me which ones she wanted made into monkeys.  At nap time, she promised to go in and go right to bed if I would start making her next sock monkey.  She napped for over 2 hours, so I almost finished the next one for her collection.

After Dan and I took her home, we stopped off for dinner at a new place that Bjarne had recommended for cheeseburgers near South Park Mall.  I took these shots with my phone.

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Lauri. You are the most talented person I have ever known. Wish you would open a store!!!
How did you lke the burger place, we have been wanting to try it.
Looks like Emily and the boys are having a great time. And on occasion when Robert can join them , she said he is working hard!
I asked bobby how it was going with the stroller and having o o up and down steps, he said "it,s hard on EMILY" we died laughing him calling her Emily. Then when he told us something cost 42 pounds! Smart kid! All the while noah was climbing up and down off the couch , he finally ended up sitting in the stroller. Thank goodness he likes to ride in it!
Have a wonderful time on vacation we are in mt pleasant helping Jim and Sarah with the twins call if y'all need anything...Bebe