Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 9 - Little Labels on a Budget

After researching DIY labels online and spending $$$ on some embroidered labels, I headed to my local Michael's to buy some inkjet transfer sheets to try my hand at creating my own labels.

I followed the directions on the product package exactly.

I used the Photoshop design of my Etsy avatar to create a 8.5" x 11" sheet of 1.5" x 1/5" labels.  Here is the test print of my label sheet.

I then flipped them horizontally so they would print correctly.

I then used a wooden cutting board covered in a pillowcase and my iron to transfer the image onto a piece of white muslin.  The instructions were clear on not using an ironing board.

After ironing, letting the sheet cool, and carefully peeling the transfer sheet from the muslin - I cut the labels into 1.5 inch squares using my rotary cutter.

I was able to get 35 labels on a 8.5"x11" sheet of the transfer paper that came in a package of 10 sheets.  Using my 50% off coupon, I was able to purchase the transfer paper for $5.00 + tax.  I was able to produce these cute little labels for around 2 cents each and I like they way they turned out!

The transfer medium I used left the labels feeling like they were a little coated in plastic, and the edges don't ravel.  I plan to use these inside some carrying bags that I am making for sets of bean bags to sell in my Etsy shop.  Here is the first application of these cute little "budget" labels.

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