Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 28 - The first of my "fresh fish"

Here is the first "fresh fish" pillow I finished for my sister, Marybeth.  I am making a set of them for her lake house and this is the smallest - he is about 2 feet in length.  I found this cute pattern online and love  this artist's (Mimi Kirchner) dolls - .  I used her pattern as the base and made my own pattern for the fins and tail for this one.  I am waiting for some additional wool that I ordered online to start on my next fish pillow.  This one is done in corduroy, wool, and fleece with some wool felt and buttons for the eyes.


Ariel ! said...

Love it!

GETIT eCommerce said...

Wow! What a beautiful crafting. I love this fish. Brilliant job!

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