Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nana and Bobby solo in Vancouver

I'm 30 minutes into my first solo babysitting with Bobby. Emily and Robert are running a few errands and entrusted Bobby to me. He is currently well swaddled in bed with his sound machine set to a loud womb. Their condo has been very quiet during the week, but someone upstairs is doing some work today -- hammering directly above us. It has quieted down in the last 5 minutes, so I have my fingers crossed that it won't wake Bobby.

Bobby is such a good baby! I believe he would sleep through the night if Emily didn't wake him to nurse. He went a good 5 hours one night this week, as Emily overslept and didn't wake him after 4 hours. When he went to the pediatrician this week, he had gained back his birth weight plus a couple of ounces. Both he and Emily have figured out the nursing routine.

All though it is early to tell, I definitely think he is going to resemble Robert. It has been fun to be here for his first days at home and see him change on a daily basis.

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