Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20 - Gardening

I have neglected our garden for many years and have spent some time this spring getting things whipped back in shape.  So far, I have:
  • Moved and separated day lilies
  • Expanded my herb garden
  • Moved and separated perennials
  • Trimmed the boxwood and roses
  • Planted most of the pots for annuals and changed out the garden flags

Today I planted the annuals in the pots in the back garden and worked on trimming boxwoods and roses.  Dan sprayed for weeds as our "mulch guys" are coming on Thursday to mulch all the beds.  I still need to find annuals to fill the goat cart and antique wheel barrow on our front porch.  It was a fun day.  Thank you, Matty, for watching the dogs while we were working!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Looks great...you will have to teach Bobby the names of all the flowers when we come b/c he is really into that this spring.